Who are your good prospective clients?
Who may churn among your existing clients?
When? Why?

Flaminem offers predictive solutions for customer lead scoring, sales enablement, & client retention.
The Flaminem platform collects and analyzes user browsing history to predict long- term purchase decisions.


Increase sales  by re-allocating your media and Search budgets on good prospective clients only.

+ 5-10% in sales from your Search campaigns (SEA/SEM).

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for Call Center

Prioritize incoming leads and focus on Call-backing those most likely to transform in sales.

+10-20% in sales by Call-Center if selective call-back is performed.

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for CRM

Gain a deeper knowledge of your customer base  and identify churners, up-sellers  or cross-sellers.

Up to +20% in sales and -10% on churn rates.

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Flaminem won the Big Data prize and was identified by EBG as one of the 10 startups with highest potential for international expansion.

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How it works?

User browsing history collection

  • 5 billions monthly visits.
  • 80 millions cookies.

Data ingestion

  • We ingest, anonymise and cleanse client off-line data such as conversion or churn events as well as client claim history.
  • We match cookies with CRM data.


  • User browsing history visualization.
  • Rare events with complex and long-term decision journey analysis & prediction.

Providing Scoring & Data

  • Predictive Algorithms based on millions of user features.
  • We enrich with categorised user browsing history.
  • Connectors with Marketing Automation tools.

Customer Succes

Marketing and sales teams rely on Flaminem to boost conversion rates and expand sales at every level of the client life cycle.


  • Flaminem helps us identifying the propects most likely to turn into clients and sales. We thus now focus on prospects who really matter and avoid waisting time on those that will never transform into sales »

    François Smith

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Banking Industry

Flaminem - We make the difference

Customer Success and Expertise

Chosen by major companies  and marketing and sales professionals throughout Europe, Flaminem predicts long-term purchase decisions.

Machine learning algorithms

Flaminem specializes in predicting rare events with a complex and long-term decision journey. We use millions of user features collected over a large time window (e.g. >3 months) to train our Machine Learning algorithms.

External data + CRM data

Flaminem enriches your CRM data with external data to provide powerful and reliable predictive scores for marketing & sales.

Easy to use. Powerful Results

Flaminem predictive applications  are SaaS based and easy to deploy thanks to its connectors. Marketing and sales teams  start seeing the impact to their funnel in two to three weeks or less.