Operational efficiency for compliance

Founded in 2013, Flaminem is a software vendor for compliance managers in the financial sectors. Flaminem offers a software platform that enables you to digitize your clients’ KYC due diligence processes. We support you in your digitization ambition by providing you with innovative technology coupled with business know-how and experience in the management of large projects.

Digitize the tedious KYC processes of LCB-FT compliance and transform them into a lever for creating customer value.

Reduce the time spent by business lines on KYC files by implementing intelligent and ergonomic digital systems.

Compliance of past and current folders with current AML/CFT regulations and anticipation of future regulations

Our Team

Originally founded by former McKinsey & Company, Microsoft and Google executives, the company quickly built a team around a common ambition: Digitize the tedious AML-FT compliance process and transform it into a customer value lever.

As entrepreneurs at heart, our team brings together diverse profiles all of whom have in common a strong experience in enterprise software.

Thomas Serval


Thomas Serval / President

Former Microsoft and Google executive

Antoine Rizk

General Manager

Antoine Rizk / General Manager

Ph.D Sussex University (UK)
Founder of several startups
Former VP product marketing, Axway

Stéphane Debart

Technical Director

Stéphane Debart / Technical Director

Technical Director
20 years of experience in software
Former Steria, SAP, Anaplan

Matthieu Delporte

Chief Financial Officer

Matthieu Delporte / Chief Financial Officer

Co-founder of Baracoda

Advisory board

Daniel Bouton

Daniel Bouton

Former CEO of Société Générale

Édouard Guillaud

Édouard Guillaud

Former Army Chief of Staff

Alain Juillet

Alain Juillet

Former Director of Intelligence (DGSE)

Édouard Tétreau

Édouard Tétreau

Strategy consulting

Pierre Pringuet

Pierre Pringuet

Former CEO of Pernod-Ricard

Rodolphe de Lambertye

Rodolphe de Lambertye

Investment banker

Guillaume Sarkozy

Guillaume Sarkozy

Former CEO of Malakoff Médéric

Guillaume Prunier

Guillaume Prunier

Secretary General - INRIA

KYC due diligence digitization platform

Ensuring the compliance of your company with the multiple anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations such as FATCA, 4th and 5th European directives

The solution is for you:

Banks, Insurance, Management Companies
Compliance Departments
Risk management departments
Legal departments
Operational departments
Law and consulting firms

Secure Cloud Solution

Your only technical requirement
is to have a web browser!
Your data and our solution are hosted
on an environment dedicated exclusively for you with reversibility at any time

Regulatory compliance

Consideration of European directives, their transposition into national law, and the interpretation of regulatory authorities.

Designed by business users for business users

« Solutions around KYC due diligence have so far only been designed to comply with regulations. Flaminem has also allowed us to take into account the user experience of the operational staff who perform these tasks on a daily basis.
This has a significant impact on operational efficiency as well as on the image conveyed by compliance tools in the digital age »

Julien Belhassen-Bpifrance

At the heart of Flaminem's project is the conviction that the success of digital transformation often comes from user experience and intuitive interface. User experience is about designing software not just as a list of features, but according to the use that is made of it.
Flaminem has devoted time to questioning its customers about their business needs and worked with user experience experts to develop a friendly and intuitive platform.

Complete and configurable services

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Antoine Rizk, CEO


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Flaminem - Simplified joint stock company with a capital of €13,718.00
RCS Paris: 794 053 066 - Intracommunity VAT number: FR93444249551
1, rue Garnier - 92200 Neuilly sur Seine - France - +33 (0) 188 326 593
Antoine Rizk, CEO


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